3rd Annual IAMBK Gala – Make Every Youth Count

The 3rd Annual IAMBK Gala was a big hit! I Am My Brother’s Keeper shared our nurtured talents in the form of a Rhythm Band performance, two Creative Dance performances, and a performed a skit titled ‘No More Bullying!’ The kids spent the entire semester at the After-School Programs. We enjoyed a nice dinner as a community that night as we watched the talented children perform. Guest speaker Ole Pete Key reminded us the true meaning of what it means to be My Brother’s Keeper. The work that we do as a member of the IAMBK is extremely important. Whether you’re a participant, volunteer, partner, sponsor, staff or friend of IAMBK, we are each other’s keepers. It takes a village to raise a child they say, and we are that village!

Author: IAMBK Inc.

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